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I decided to study in Edinburg, this city is a fortress which is built on volcanic hills, which gives us an entirely unique place and that is what attracted me. First of all, I chose to go there because I think the landscape is wonderful and relaxing; there are a lot of greenery and open spaces, which is the better way to work quietly.

In Edinburg, there are many things to do: museums, castles, parks … About museums you can see the T-Rex at the National Museum of Scotland or take a trip into the past at the Museum of Childhood. Through its history as a fortress, Edinburgh has many castles: the most important is the Edinburgh Castle who is perched on top of the capital. It is the most important castle to discover with its military barracks and its war memorial. Then the Craigievar Castle with its fairytale appearance should appeal to many girls. About the parks and gardens, you can go to the Royal Botanic Garden, it was founded in 1670 and it is one of the finest gardens in the world where you can found unusual and beautiful plants moreover admission is free.

Then, Scotland is one of the most spectacular places in regard of water sports: Diving, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing … These activities become meaningful when you are surrounded by a spectacular scenery, with castles, hills, volcanoes, forests and so on.


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