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For my partnership with a British school, I decided to study in Edimburgh's city. Why Edimburgh ? I choose this city because is the capital of Scotland, I think landscapes are wonderful but also it possesses a history which attracts me. Edimburgh is a forteress which built on volcanic hills. In the city center there is the castle built in VII°century. Edimburgh is situated on the east coast of Scotland ant it is the capital since 1437. At the top of hills, landscapes are very wonderful, relaxing and I think that I can take a lot of beautifuls photos. In our time, Edimburgh had 457 830 inhabitants in 2005 and since 1999 it is the head office of the Scotland Parliament. I choose also this city because it's near the sea and the sea is beautiful, calming and an origin of inspiration. Edimburgh is an important city so there are a lot of things to do for exemple, go to the cinema, go to museums, go shopping, visit formers monuments ...

For my partnership, I choose to study in Edimburgh College of Art because it's a school of art, design and the drawing is my passion. In this school, we study architecture and landscape architecture, we study also the history of art and of course art and design ! It's fantastic !



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