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Going Further (part B)  Page 26

2nde question : Would you be ready to do the same? Why (not)?


As far as i am concerned, I'm don't ready to do the same for several reasons :

  • The first reason is I don't feel like something to go there because it is too cold and i get used to something heat.
  •  The second reason is I don't have a fighting spirit contrary to other men ( for exemple Mark Pollock) for all the experiences
  •  The tird reason is I am good "in my skin" : I don't feel like somthing to change my life.
  • The fourth reason is I am only 14 years old and i amm youg for this. I can wait 10 or 15 years for this (at least)

For this reasons, I don't feel like something to do the same.



Mathew Rousseau


Tag(s) : #travail

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