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Raman looked up Daisy with a constrained comportement and ask:

"Want you really that we moove? Do you think it can be a good think?"

"I don't want that you run away. I want to grow up your lif's conditions, so I try to found a good or the best solution" expalin Daisy.

"Ok. But we van't really do anything. We live days afters days" declare Raman

"Yo must stay way there is the best solution to get money. Do you think there are best as here?" ask Daisy.

"Maybe, why not! But we won't take the risque. If we go in an oder states, we can get more money or fewer. It's a risque that we can't try to take" insist Raman.

"That's sure. I'm agree we you" add DFaisy.

"I've a question, do you go in manies countries ti help people?" ask Raman.

" Hm yeah, I like and adore help people who need it" answer Daisy.

"That's Nice. Really. So with the stone we have job a long time but we get no many money while we work really hard. I think we will run away when it will be finish" explain Raman.

"I thnik it's the best solution" say Daisy. BEAU LOUIS TS1

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