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All people can give too much importance to physical appearance in love for exemple. If it's to like or not dislike a people they are no one problem but they are people who give too much importance to the physic and it do problem to other people. The racism in based on physical aspect and blacks people are hurt and stroke. Whereas, they are people who travel to see other people, so, other physicals appearances. I think no one people musst give importance to only this because we mussn't know people to judge them. There are people who are racists but who likes one or many blacks people. It's because they know them. I thinkevery people can put any cloyhes if he respect rules. I think that we can give importance to physical appearance but we musst respect them. There are people who associe the physic to a social categorie. People thinks asiatics only eat asians products. Or people think english people only drinktea. We musst learn to know everypeople.

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