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No, birth control can't be imposed when the population density is too high. The government can't tell families how many children they should have each family should decide how many children they want. This can be for religious reasons, financial reasons and social reasons. The government has no right to dictate how families should live. For example, in China, the government has implemented the policy of one child. A couple can then give birth to only one child. So there is a genderimbalance. Moreover, if the government imposes a control of birth, there will be loss of children. As in India there are disappearances of babies after birt without explamation. For control birth, the government promotes abortion, sterilization of woman and mostly the contraception. But One other side the birth control allows the cut back the population. If there are less people in the country it allows an increase in the standard of living and the life expectancy. In poor rural communities many children die very young. Tancks to birth control, the woman are given education, employment, contraception, safe abortion and good health care they could decide for themselves to have less children.

Guignard Laura

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