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Opinion on Bollywood

Bollywood is a city located in India and she has assigned a industryof the cinema Indian in Mumbai appeared toward eighteenth century. This is a name inspired of Bombay and of Hollywood. The films Bollywood have a characteristic compared to others, is that his films last between 2-3 hours. During the film there are dance, songs, screenplays, scripts, music with a mixed instrument. The sound is also well organized. This kind is often used to recognize the Indian cinema. In India, it cinema is in Hindi; the language most spoken in it country. Bollywood is the population of cinema in India whyis become in this way the most famous also in the world such as South Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and evidently in Europe. We of them count consider a number infinite of Bollywood films. Here a few example among so many: "Until my last breath" of Yash Chopra, "Om shanti om" of Fara Khan or even "Let your heart speak" of Karan Johar. Each year an multitude of new movie bring out.

I don't like this kind of movie because I think its hard too long and it's not my kind cinematic.

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