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Bollywood is the Indian cinema industry. The main theme of bollywood films is love. I like movies of bollywood because I like love stories in the movies. Also, I like Indian music of these films and dances that give envy to move. In many Indian films, the actors play in traditional costumes very colorful. It's very nice for me. Thus we discover Indian traditions. For example in the film Devdas, film director shows two young Indians who love. But their marriage is impossible because there are not part of the same caste. Their parents are opposed to this marriage. For cons, I find that movies are too long. Devdas lasts three hours. I don't have saw a lot Bollywood films but I liked those I know. But also Bollywood is a good thing for India 's economy because it is a poor country. Thanks to these films, the country's growth can increase.

Guignard Laura

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