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Bollywood :

To begin, It is the shrinkage of Bombay and of Hollywood. An expression invented by an Indian journalist to speak about the cinema of its country which competes (or would like to compete) with that of Americans. Bombay, the capital of the Indian cinema, is the biggest film industry of the World!

Indeed, it is popular films which speak about engagement, about marriages, about cliques, about religion. In short of subjects which concern all Indian society. Word used to speak about this cinema am Masala, which means mixture of spices of the country.

Choreography is typical of films of Bollywood. A lot of gestures of daily life are found. It is dances which tell stories. Where from the importance of interpretation, expressions of the face, looks. In short, of an universal language: even if they the words of the song are not understood, it is necessary to know about to what that speaks. ”Finally, the Bollywood dances in couple or in group a lot. And boys and girls have their choreography …

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