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Today people pay attention to their appearance. For some people it's a very important thing. Indeed the physical is the first thing that we see of somebody. The physical appearance give a certain image of us. It defines our tastes and also our personality. Our image can make a good impression or on the contrary give a bad image of us. To pay attention of our physical appearance can be something good but it can also be against us. For example according to their skin's color, their clothes and their clothing style, the peoplewill be class in categories. So some persons feel upper than others and this is not good because everybody is different. Moreover the physical appearance should not be also important. This is something secondary. Indeed the personality should be more important than the physical because we should be learn to know the person before criticize her. In fact if we pay attention of our appearance it's because we do like the stars and we take example on them. Ithink people attach to importance of their physical. The people will become superficial. The world had really changed. I think we should stop to give importance to the physical and we should be interested about the personality and the intellect persons.

Pauline Lemoine TS1

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