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In first time, I think we can't give too much importance to physical appearance because it doesn't mean you are or you are not intelligent. My father have told me a story about his job : a customer have entered in the store and he was not well dressied and it was the time to closed the shop so my father was bug and have thank "we will say to leave out". Five minutes later, the man have bought one TV, one computer et others things and he can pay all the purchases. It means he have a good job for make a gift hisself at this price.

Second, I think boss of company judge about physical appearance particulary in job interview. For exemple if two persons present to the job with the same competences but one is a girl, usually the boss choose the men because he can't get pregnant. Is it not a judgement ? But it doesn't mean the woman is less good than the man.

After, the physical appearance can be "important" like to be a model. Models represent the country around the world and desginer wants to have a good image of his label.

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