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Can one give too much importance to physical appearance ?

Physical appearance is a opinion very different seen by everyone; certain physical appearance is seen as such to succeed in life, while for other physical appearance is a detail but its rather the person itself that counts. Can one give too much importance to physical appearance or well to the contrary it give less importance? First, we see that we can give too much importance to physical appearance. Then we will study the physical appearance is not everything.

The individual the first manner judge the auther people by the physical. Indeed, the judgment of others and those for all individuals without exception when passing someone on the street we will assign a image positive or negative among the individuals.

However, physical appearance is maybe very add valued to but that give not the level of intelligence and if it is nice.

Indeed, it gives too much appearance physical. In addition, some spending sum of money out of the ordinary to change an physical appearance. Indeed, some people are too complexed by their physical he decides to make an appearance. Individuals are judged if that person go backed in the fashion; the standard.

In conclusion, we can say we give too much importance to physical appearance. But it is an instinct that everyone has here self. This is the reason to which everyone gives much of importance on their physical appearance. However some people suffer from this weakness why for them have not a physical of their dreams.

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