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Earth now has seven billion human beings. Are we too many ? Birth control should be imposed when the population density is too high ?

For me, in spite of some increase in world population from year to year, l can not accept a contraception imposed by our states European in our families. Why should we choose for us the number of children we want to have? Are we therefore to not free point?

In certain countries already, of controls of birth are done. Indeed, certain families see themselves in the obligation to conceive than 1 child or 2. Let us take example of China. Over there, since the late twentieth century, it is forbidden to have more than one child by couple. It is the policy of only child.

In India also, a checking routine of the births is set up since many years. These two countries, who are the most pleuples in the world, indeed had massively recourse to contraception, the abortion and sterilization in order to limit the growth of their population.

Although I understand that it too much is inhabitant in these countries, I do not arrive has to conceive this birth control. Indeed, for me each human being must be free to choose the number of child whom it hopes to have, nobody should control that. However, I do not have a solution to avoid this continuous increase of individuals on Earth.



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