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Do you think birth control should be imposed when population density is too high?

When population density is to high, impose birth control will allow to preserve natural resources and on the other hand live better but I think it is not a good idea. In fact, if we impose this control, families will be not free to have the number of children that they want so it is not correct. Everyone should be able to procreate as he wishes. However, India is a country not very developed so there is not contraception or just a little. It is why women have often many children. They don’t always want their children but by lack of contraception they keep them. Families could control the birth but not the state, this leaves more liberty.If family have fewer children, it would be easier economically. Everyone could eat his fill, children could go to school to get an education and later find a job. Families would be happier.

So I think the state should not impose a birth control but rather different methods of contraception to reduce the number of children of family for live better.

Lucie Marchand T.S2

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