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Since many years, the question of the regulation of births settles. Every country has its opinion on question. The birth control in democraty depends on several criteria. Politics and economy are going to influence the born number of a country.


Initially , the economy influences the fertility of the country. A poor country will not be able to put has disposition of good social status. While a rich country, will have means to assure a good social status. The rich countries set securities up social. As well as, free and compulsory schools. These establishments allow education and health of the population. These conditions favour the increase of births. The future of the children is relatively assured.


But the economy of a country is not the only criterion. Politics plays a fundamental role on the born number.


In second time , politics accomplished by a country influences the fertility of a country. In the poor a countries, the number of child can be sometimes brought up. The continent of Africa in a rate about 5 childrens by woman. This strong fertility explains by the difficult access of the means of contraception.

Today, different means of contraception are available. While means of contraception are also accessible. The politics of some countries does not allow an easiness of access to the means of contraception, or on the contrary , of conception. In other countries there fertility is prometed by putting is disposition different artificial means of conception , such as artificial insemination.


In conclusion , the born regulation in a country depends on financial statuts as well as political. Even though the density of the population is too high, its not possible to hit of judgment. The means of contraception is however necessary to be put as disposition and is accessible.

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