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I think birth control should be imposed when the population is too large because it can cause a lot of problems especially if it is a poor country. I think we need a minimum control of the birth not to impoverish families and country. Often countries where the population is to high are poor so there is most birth. But this is not a solution to develop. I think we can control births without killing newborns like in India, it's not a solution in my opinion. May be we should not impose birth control but at least pay attention. However, controlling births is not necessarily a good thing because some families live well thanks to their childrens who maintain them. Some families choose to have many children because they love take care of their childrens. Birth control may also lead to inequalities between girls and boys because often poor families want a boy for him to work when he grows up and the money he will earn will be used too feed his family. So birth control has advantages and disadvantages because it can help the country to develop, it can also reduce the number of poor people but it can break dreams of some families.

Pauline Lemoine TS1

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