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Can one give too much importance to physical appearance?

In my opinion, give too much importance to physical appearance is not good because that excludes people from society. In fact, today a large portion of the population wants to feel accepted by the others by changing their styles so they wear popular clothing just in order to don’t be worry about reflexions that could have the people. That’s right, in our generation; most of the young people feel concern by the physical appearance and children start to care of them appearance more and more early, thus, our society is based on prejudices whereas the appearance doesn’t mean anything on the personality of the people but the problem is that some people knows them appearance is not very good so they are trouble of it and they don’t feel good daily. Also, when you try to get a job you have to get a talk with the employer for the most of the time and often, in this talk you are judge about your physical appearance. For example, some of them don’t accept tattoos and piercings so the problem is you are not very free about wear what you really want to wear because you are influenced by the society. Sometimes, judge people for their appearance is the origin of racism or offensive language that create tensions in the society. Moreover, care of our appearance is in attitudes of the majority of the people. So I think we have to give less importance to physical appearance because we give already too much to it and its bad for the people because that prevents people to be how they really want to be.

ENON Corentin TS2

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