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Do you think birth control shoul be imposed when population density is too high ?

The population density is characterised by the number of inhabitants of a city in the square kilometre.

The control of birth is based on fact to leave his child at birth if she is a girl or the birth control is characterised by the abortion.

If this birth control is imposed, it is an infringement of the personal rights of the parents, even if the city could consider this as necessary for the too high density of population, it is not a solution.

Indeed, every being is human and to imposed the death of his child or the abandonnement of this one to other parents is a crime.

Even if the ressource of Earth are epuisable and that phenomen such as climatic warming expands, and that birth are controlled or not, the ressource of Earth will exhaust themselves.

If the density of population is too high, the control of birth is not a solution, it is simply necessary to look after what is good for the population, at the level of education and especilly their health.

Can one give too much importance to physical appearance ?

A superficial person is a person who grants importance only in the physical appearance.

And the physical appearance does not always reflect the personality of a person.
Indeed, a person who likes rock can get dressed with leather clothes or have tattoos, in that case there it is generally a matter to follow fashion to show its membership in a group.

But in other example, a person who will have the same moustache as Hitler will have willy-nilly no same ideas as this last.

For somebody for whom the physical appearance or physical appearance is the most important it means that if the person is not to her taste where if its physical appearance dissatisfies her where intrigue he will then be able to criticise her, either carry him a negative look, a black look, or affronts, it can go very far to see too much far.

Physical appearance should not pass above all because each has something has bring others. Every being is unique and has a personality to discover beyond his physical appearance.


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