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Do you think birth control should be imposed when population density is too high?

There is no reason to have a higher population than today because we are in a post industrial society and also have a higher population means more pollution and more space. In fact, the space is a real problem because for example in India there are many inequalities that induce a high poverty. Some people live in slum villages since they don't get enough money, they ache of malnutrition that promotes life-threatening diseases or worse some of the population is homeless people. So we need to control the population and the number of it by institute methods of contraception in order to minimize poverty of India and hope one day there'll be enough to feed all the population of India. To try to achieve this I think that we have to impose birth control like in China and maybe that allows to reduce the poverty and the inequalities of some countries like India.

ENON Corentin TS2

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