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Do you think birth control should be imposed when population density is too high ? (page 35)

Birth control has long been a difficult subject for all the countries. Indeed, when the population density is too high, the doctors call in question the level of birth rate. This is the reason for which one wonders whether the birth control should be imposed when population density is too high or the contrary leave aside the birth control even when population density is too high ? First, we see the limitation of birth rate and its challenges. Then, we study the no birth control and also its challenges.

Birth control should be imposed when population density is too high because people being already many it will decrease the company. In addition, there would new buildings under build and therefore more agricultural land would be avaible. If this policy is in place it means some country are overcrowded such as China and India. Finally, this control is in order stop global warming, depletion of fossil energy ressources because individuals suffer of malnutrition such as South Africa. It would therefore referable to birth control when population density is too high.

However, we can say that if we limit the birth rate if would therefore fewer individuals therefore likely have fewer engineers and doctors therefore there would under modernization.

So we come show that birth control should not be imposed when population is too high because it created less wealth. First, with a death birth rate it is preferable too have more children such as Sierra Leone. In addition, thecontraceptive be responsible an increase in the presence if female hormones in nature, binging problems of femenization. We can therefore end with show that some baby born are not reported ; are not registered. It is therefore rigorous to ask if birth control must be applied.

We has been shown that the control could be done or not but it depended on the policy of country.

Degenne Prescillia T.ES

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