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Can on give too much importance to physical appearance?

Today a large par of the population attaches great importance to physical appearance.One possible reason witch can explain this attachment to physical appearance in the Society.For example in the world of modeling this is beautiful's and lean's women witch are present on the podium.Television with the advent of reality TV developed the fact of pretty's peoples successful more easily.During interview,people must present a inpeccable's physical appearance to make a good impression.The socuety instills stereotypes since very long time.Indeed in America peoples was belived the African-Americans were inferior to Caucasians because of color of their skin.Today perso belive that a person can be a criminal just because the color of her skin.If Hitler wanted to exterminate all jews is because for him they don't correspond to the ideal of the Aryan's race.This ideal was based on the physical appearance in effect Hitler cosidered that persons with blonde hairs and blue eyes as superior.Individuals also judge other about their attire.For example a person with clothers thant are not of brand will inderwent teasing from other people or they will be considered as poor's person.For me,people shouldn't stop judge just on the physical apprarance of a person but get ti know her for wht she his and not for his physical appearance.


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