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Do you think birth control should be imposed when population density is too high?

First, i think that everybody can have the life that they want if his will doesn't hurt the others' will. If they want some children, they can have them.

But, there are some other reasons that make me think that birth control should be imposed when population density is too high.

For example, a too high population density should bring a more important need in resources. But the Earth hansn't theses resources.

If the population density continues to augment, the Earth will be resourcesless to the new population.

But before the definitive Earth's lack in resources, the beginning of the miss of resources as oïl, meat, fruits, vegetables or énergies will bring some inequality in the World because the Earth couldn't bring as resources to the new population as the old population.

The old population will have more resources as the new population and that's implied bad living conditions for the new population because all of the resources, all of the énergies will be consumed.

To conclude, everybody has the right to have the life they want but the Earth isn't eternal and everybody have to think to the conseqences.



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