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do you think burth control should be imposed when population density is too high?

The world has 7 billion people and this number continue to increase.In many countries of the world the birth rate is superior to the mortality rate.Demography has an impact on economical development.The environment and the Earth's resources are limited.To limmit the increase of the population some developed countries increse the number of campains on contraception and implement actions to help no developped countries so they can have access to contraceptives.In some villages of India humanitarian heps are sent.These people are for mission to change attitudes.They try to explain to villagers.They must try to develop more and limit the number of births.Some villagers do not agree with these actions because they do not want to change their lifestyle.In China in a first time birth control has been established,China has inculcate some practices:late marriage birth little closer and few after the country implemented the one-child's policy in 1970.Couples can have only one child.If they do not comply with the law they can receive a tax increase,they many lose their jobs or suffer a social stigma.I think these methods are too radical,for me it can not provent a couple having a child.In my opinion when population density is too high measures must be implemented as did some developped countries.


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