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Notion 1 : The ideo of progress

Indian cities become as High-tech Bangalore. Microcrédit is growing especially in developing countries, where it helps fulfill microprojects, promoting activity and wealth creation, but is also practiced in many developed countries and transition economies.The religions practiced are Hinduism. The population is constantly grown. In two thousand and nine (2009), services have increased compared to thousand nine hundred and ninety (1990) while the sectors of activity of agriculture and of industry declined from thousand nine hundred and ninety (1990) to two thousand and nine (2009).

Notion2 : Seats and forms of power

In two thousand and eleven (2011), there were fewer girls than boys. Six hundred thousand (600 000) girls disappears each years. Women are selectively removed. The caste system in India developed more than three thousand (3 000) years ago when the Hindu priests divided the society into four great hereditary social classes, which still survive today.

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