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First of all, spending a year abroad allow to discover new cultures, differents of your. It is very enriching for yourself, because you become open-minded and you know about the world. Another good reason to traveling for a year is that you can make discover your own culture to the foreigners you are with. This is in both senses, you discover a new culture and you make discover yours so, the exchanges are really interesting and enriching.

One of the main reasons why it is good for spending a year abroad is that you can make your trip useful and do volunteering to help poor countries to build schools for example. Your trip will be meaningful and you can be proud for having help people who need.

Do not forget that spending a year abroad can teach you a new language, or help you to improve. Spend time in an other country is the best way to have the language accent and to perfect yourself. You will learn a lot of vocabulary too.

What's more, it allows to have a quiet year. You will be « in holidays », you will relax and think to other things than your problems or whatever. It changes your ideas, you can take a new departure of your life, because this year, will change entirely your life.

What is important to know too, is that this trip, will be a unique human experience which you will remember your all life. You will be the only to live this experience. It is a way to get out of the routine, a way to set off on an adventure!

Thanks to this trip, you will see the beauty of the world. You will discover things you never saw before, or even things you never heard about! Imagine, you will can impress your family and friend circles. You will have many pictures and many good memories to share.

Another good reason for spending a year abroad is that you become independant. You go alone to a destination where you know nobody. This experience is a good way to grow up and to trust yourself. You will be forced to manage during your stay and you will become emancipated. On your return, you will be more mature.

Let's not forget that with this experience you can meet new people and make friends. And it is very enriching to have a foreigner as friend because you have contact with a different person, so it makes you more opend minded, like I said before. You can establish a true relation which allows you to return in the country to see your friend, or you can invite your foreigner friend in your country etc..

And last not but not least, this experience is really interesting to find jobs because it shows a positive picture of you at your boss, your curriculum vitae is more interesting for him. This experience shows that you are enterprising, that you are not afraid of the unknown and, that you speak a second language.

So that are the good reasons for spending a year aboard, think of it!

BOUTIN Margot.

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