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Good new for everybody ! I found better that week-ends, you know this moment that we wait all, during the week and that we appreciate, generally, very stongly. And well, I suggest you to extend of one year this moment by a trip abroad !

Who hasn't never though to do round the world ? At who indulge himself in the Maurice's Isle didn't occur ? In my opinion, to travel for one year does no hurt; on the contrary, we expend our knowledges, we discover new cultures ! For example, let's go us Senegal and let's observe this cultural difference !

Also, share our culture and our language at populations, who discover, as us.

Who is interested to speak fluently his favourite language ? And well, I don't know better way that to travel abroad for study, for deepen the language.

To go out of the routine (what's the wish of several people ... including me), let's do packs our baggages and let's leave at the adventure ! For example, let's go to the United-States for stay in a "modern diplomacy" or to Morocco for a "rustic diplomacy".

The freedom attracts us, we would like travel without dad and mom accompany us, without that they say us that we must do ... let's leave in our favourite countries ! But, on the one hand, without daddy and mom or friends, the lack settles, but on the other hand, we change, we grow. We say that trips forge the spirit, form the youth. What do we wait ? Let's discover who we really are !

Do you like social networks as Facebook, with our "friends" ? We tailling that off the head from now and let's go abroad. Let's get acquainted with various people, with who we shall have real conversations, interesting exchanges. And then, which pride to say "Yes, I have friends in Los Angeles (or other country) !" Oh, but wait, we couldn't deepen our language like that by chance ?

We distinguish two travel's types too:

-those who want a dream's destination to indulge themselves, knowing what we waits for them.

-those who leave for the unknown, who live from day to day with a surprise's effect.

Who doesn't whish to offer himself a trip in Australia, the kangarooes's country, for exemple, to drop a daily, to indulge himself ? Who doesn't wish to go round the world, to take advantage of landscapes whish offer to himself ? Trips are for all !

Antoher reason to travel, it's the back; reunions are always pleasants, especially after one year abroad ... discuss, exchange with us family, us friends, ...

In my opinion, I will adore to show to my childrens that I was able to discover, to make in the world, and so, to tempt them to realize the same thing like me.

In conclusion, travel expends our knowledges, to raise awareness us at world, at people who surrond us !

VENNEVIER Léa, 1 S1, "Present 10 good reasons for spending a year abroad".

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