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Going further p 26 B 2)

2) Yes i would like to make the same things ! It's very interesting and we learn to push away our limits. I adore the sport and the strong sensations. It's great to test my physical and mental limits . It's very interesting to live in places little know and to made rise the adrenalin ! I shall have certainly a little apprehension but once in the desert or in the North Pole, the spirit of the race takes me. I shall learn to find the food and some water as Bear Grylls. I shall learn to manage all alone. My family will miss me but i will return. To live with its own ways and to build itself a camp to sleep can be interesting. I shall not leave during one year but an adventure of a few weeks can be good. I adore the snow and the Winter. If i made a success i would be proud of my team and i. In conclusion, to make this adventure shall pleases me a lot!

Aucher Héas 2nd 3

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