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Clémence Tremblay 1S1

Present "10 good reasons for spending a year abroad"

I would like to take a gap year, that is to say to go in another country for a while. This may be difficult because we have homesick, but the discovery and sharing are so rewarding that we can forget the homesick. The gap year allows also to discover new life styles as local food or local clothing. We discover new customs and share ours. This can make us become bilingual or, at least, helps us to learn a new language and to see other world realities like poverty who is not seen necessarily every day. Also, we live sometimes strong human experiences and we can enjoy the beauty of landscapes and typical's animals of these regions. Then if it's in the context of the work, a gap year allows to share the vision of different countries on the same subject and an experience like this can enrich our CV. But, above all, a gap year makes out of the routine.

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