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Later, I would like to go live in a foreign country for ten reasons, the first reason is for study, for discover new method for learning, for acquire new things, thus experimenting new method to work.

The second reason is meeting a new people, to make new friends with who I can exchange and dialogue, with who I can laught and create unforgettable moment.

The third reason is to learn one or multiple foreign language, or improve into the language that I have learn.

The fourth reason is to discovered a new culture, discover a new lifestyle, the means different, a different meal..

The fifth reason to go live in foreing country is to make volunteering, to help the children in difficulties, for they learn to read and for they give courses that I can acquire in France.

The sixth reason is for I become more independent and more mature, to live my own life.

The seventh reason to go live in foreign country is for discover a new country, a new places, to change of atmosphere.

The eight reason to go live a new experience which will surely fabulous, and to live experience that I can't made in France.

The ninth reason is to have many memories with the new friend that I have met, with the activities that I can made in foreign country.

The last reason for which I leave my country for a new country, this is to be freedom, leave everything for begin everything elsewhere, live a new life far from from everything.

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