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Are all citizens on an equal footing is modern-day India?

In India there are differences between citizens:

-Differences between men and women:In India it's more men than women (940 females for 1000 males).The literary-rate is seventy-four percent.It is eighty three percent for men whereas it is sixty percent for women.However,some women have come a great responsibility.Indira Ghandhi was the first female prime minister and Pratibla Patil in 2007 was the first female president of India.Thanks to microcredit at the beginning of 1970 a group of women led by Ela Bhatt brings its savings and gives rise to the Self-Employed Women's Association bank which includes entrepreneur's woman

-Differences between boy and girl:In three generation more than 50 millions women have been selectively eliminated from India's population through infanticide,dowr-related murders and other gendercide practices.600000 girls go missing every years.Families are desperate for sons as they are financially far more attractive.In the dowry tradition,the family of the wife to be give a dowry or girlf to the future husban's family before marriage.This gift is supposedly given as compensation to the groom's parents far the cost of educating their son.The dowry tradition also explains why many parents do not want to have daughters.

In India there is a cast system which develop more than 3000 years ago.Society was divided into four great hereditary social-classes.The Brahman caste is the highest.To oppose,the Dalits ( or Untouchables) are not even members of a caste,they are outcastes.Dalits are only allowed certain jobs such as cleaners...Discrimination against Dalits still exists in rural areas.The caste system is forbidden in both countries.40% of Dalits survive on less than 2 dollars a day.


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