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Is today's India a modern country ?

Last few years India has evolved,the country become the second developed's country in the world.New technologies have become more and more space for example Bengalore is a high-tech's city of India.An action witch permit this development is microcredit.It appeared more than thirty years in India.Small loans are given to poor entrepreneurs financially unable to secure traditional bank's loans.It was essentially started a revolution.India jumped.Indian's insdustry has been growing at seventy percent annually over the past five years.Man women coming India's poorest villages using microfinance for out they and her families from poverty.The level of povert in India dropped more than seven percent in five years.It concerns less than thirty percent of the population witch was of 1.2bilion people between 2009 and 2010.Here are several examples showing that the Indian's population is to develop and become more modern:

-In 1941 the indian's population was of three hundred and nineteen million and in 2011 it was of one point two billion

-Into 1990 and 2009 they sectors of agriculture and industry have reduced and the sectoc of services have increased ( 44,7% to 62,6%)

-The languages and the religions have developed.Exist twelve differents languages and six religions in India

From British colony to the largest democraty in the world

In 16th century India in controlled by england.In 20th century many Indians started fighting for independence.In1922 Mahatman Ghandi started a boycot.Indians stopped work,trade with england and protest marches agains't inpopular British measures.Ghandi started a no violence campain.He was repeatedly imprisonded by the British.He was assassinated in january,30,1948.In 1947,India became independante.Now India is a democraty.The names of cities and states in India have been changing alfer the independance for example Bombay became Mumbai


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