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They ten reasons for a "gap year " are :

For me,the reasons number one that is you don't have to get up early , it's a reasons very impotante because the student normal is required of get up very early , then i think that the reasons number two that is you work withoot a teacher that you stress , you were quiet at home . Also there to another reasons that is to not a be angry compared with you classmates, you are cool. Then the reasons for a "gap year" that is you choose this activites you gonna do .You don't have a Schedule wich a lesson compulsory .they other reasons are that is you go a party with yours friends and that is you don't have a work to do and to make. but yet a reasons that you don't have a bag too heavy, and that is you Watch TV all the time withoot someone to tell you something .For me the most importante reasons for a "gap year" thatis you are cool , withoot teacher in at home .

Gaignard Vincent

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