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Webquest : From Bombay to Mumbai

(page 31)

  1. a) Bombay officially called Mumbai in 1995. Mumbai was the former name before the independence of India in 1947.

b) Mmbai is the economic center of the country and anof the major stock exchanges of the country. A city that has turned into a conurbation which helped his country to enter the global competition. Bombay is located in eastern India. This city is in a place dry and humid. Indeed Bombay is located in the tropics.

c) Bombay is one of cities with the highest skyscraper in India.

d) It is an cities very important because it is an of largest city in India. This is the city why comprise the most people.

e) Dharavi is a city slum why place in India, not far from Bombay. All kinds of people live in this place so much at level the classes let at the religious. Dharavi is the biggest slum in Asia.

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