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Webquest: From Bombay to Mumbai

A) Bombay became Mumbai in 1995, when the right wing Hindu party won the elections with Shiv Shena. Mumba is the diminutive’s name of the goddess Mumbadevi, so the party renamed the city with the name Mumbai.

B) Mumbai is the capital city of India. It is located in the State of Maharashtra. It is on Salsette Island with a part of Thane district. It lies on the western coast of India at the Ulhas River’s mouth.

Mumbai has mainly a tropical climate with humid season and dry season. There is monsoon between June and September.

In Mumbai there are about 15 million people of different castes.

C)The places of interest in Mumbai are the Gateway of India, the Hanging garden, the Nehru park, Taj Palace and Tower hotel, Bollywood (cinema industry), the Royal cinema and some beaches.

D) Mumbai is a port city, so it can do world trades (imports and exports). It is the capital of the commerce in India. Economically it is an important city.

E) Dharavi slum was created in 1880. It is located near Mumbai. It is one of the largest slums of the world. Six hundred thousand live here. It is the poors casts who live here such as the dalits.

Lucie Marchand T.S2

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