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“ Can one give too much importance to physical appearance ?”


Initially , appearance counts because they constitute the first source of information which we have on a person, especially if we do not know it! Others judge us therefore on our physical appearance, and we make it just as much, in an automatic way, in the first instants of a meeting Simply because we try to understand other one from some indications which we have.

Sometimes, it is possible to have prejudices based on physical appearance, when we learn to know the person! It can happen that the impression that what we had believed we saw in the first instants is confirmed, or on the contrary, it changes, according to the behaviour adopted by the person (for example : depending on whether she proves to be haughty , I keep my a priori or I come back over).

The physical appearance also can be  subject of discrimination. It is possible to point out this discrimination especially in the professional frame. At first, criteria not founded during maintenance of hiring is determiner of the choice of the boss. He will  advantage more  to physical appearance  and not to certificate.


Lorraine Menanteau T.ES

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