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Museum Liverpool
Museum Liverpool

For my partnership with a British schoool, I chose the city of Liverpool. Why? Simply because it's the city that interessed me more. It is situated near the sea, the Irish Sea. The cities around Liverpool is Bootle, Waterloo, Huyton, Prescot, St Helens, Warrington, and at 34 miles of Manchester. On the other side of the bank, we have the cities of Wallasey, Birkenhead, Bebinton. We can move in boat to the other side of the coast, otherwise we can move in car, train, bus, taxi, bike. The airport in Liverpool is named John Lennon and it is at 8,7 miles in car from Liverpool. They are several stations of train, as Liverpool James Street, Moorfields, Liverpool Central, etc. The place we must visited in Liverpool are the district of Liverpool, Chinatown. There is seaside resort in Southport, with gardens, attractions for family. In the Knowsley Safari Park, we can see several differents animals in more that 200 hectares. We can see beautiful landscapes, seas, gardens, castles, museums, gallery of art, cities. If we go to Liverpool, it's obligated to go in Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Museum of Liverpool. It's a city of football too. Liverpool is a cultural capital where the Beatles born. Liverpool is class in the UNESCO. In the year, Liverpool welcome the 12th irish festival. I am not disappointed to choose the city of Liverpool because it's a city very attractive, funny, interesting, beautiful, with very places to visit. I chose to study in the St Julie's Catholic High School in Liverpool. It's a school where the focus is on the development of the child. In this school, we can make differents activities as danse, drama, choir etc. It's wonderful !

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