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Appearance physical is today very important in the human relations. Indeed, for me, appearances count. Indeed, they constitute the first information source of which we lay out when we meet a person. The others thus judge us on our physics, in an automatic way, at the time as of first minutes of a meeting…

Physical appearance also allows expression of our tastes. Indeed, thanks to our look we can show with the others which one, we love.

However, it would nevertheless be necessary sometimes not too much not to attach significance to the physique. Indeed, it is the nature which has creates us thus; why change that? So why drive back the trisomic, the handicapped, the strange, people of smalls…? All that bringing however to discrimination and racism.

Moreover, to judge others compared to its physique is a practice tolerated in the modern society but that causes complexes at those which do not answer the concept of the perfect physical (example: the mode)

Physical appearance can to be a criterion of rejection and racism, but also of differentiation between the human beings. Moreover, it is necessary to attach certain significance to the physique, but it is not necessary that becomes a source of malaise.



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