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Can one give too much importance to physical appearance ?

The physical appearance is the first thing that the others see of us. It is our physical appearance who represents us. This can show our social classes. In fact, if I am dressed with old and dirty clothes, we can believe that I am a poor person. But if I am dressed with nice clothes we can think that I am in a high social class. However this is not always true. Sometimes body's image doesn't reflect the personality of somebody. We can't judge a person only on her physical appearance. We must learn to know her to discover her personality. A shy person can be interesting or charming, even if she is reserved and discreet or dressed with simple clothes. Moreover, people judge the others with the skin colour or the origins.

Today, we live in a society based on a stereotype. The physical appearance became most important rather than personality or intellect. There are a lot of discriminations especially with the different origins.

However, I think we can’t judge somebody with his physical appearance because we can’t know a person just by looking her.

Lucie Marchand T.S2

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